Packages and Pricing

Premade Cover


Premade Book Covers come as an ebook cover at 2560x1600 pixels and 300 ppi. Add on options such as full wraps for print, facebook banner, mock up and other book related products available apon request. 

Custom Ebook Cover


Custom ebook covers come with a unique and marketable cover worked in close proximity with the author to create something that truly represents your story. The ebook will be delivered digitally as a jpg at 2560x1600 pixels and 300 ppi. ​

Full Print Wrap


Page count, dimensions desired and text is required at time of purchase. A simple print wrap can be ordered at a later date from the build of the cover. A fully illustrated full wrap must be requested at the start of the cover process. 



Banner will be made at 820x360 pixels. A simple facebook/website banner from a cover I've made can be purchased at any date. A fully illustrated banner must be purchased at the beginning of the cover design process.

Extra Figures


Each additional character on a cover takes hours of additional work to find, render and hand draw. Each additional character on a cover (up to 3) is an additional charge. Creatures and monsters may require an additional charge depending on the customization required. Please add those details to your quote request.

Additional Add On's Available Upon Request

Additional Charges May Apply - Message for Pricing

  • Audiobooks

  • Character Cards

  • Mock Up

  • Photoshop file of cover

  • Marketing Images

  • Chapter Headings

  • Large detailed images including posters, scenic full wraps, ect... must be booked at the same time as the cover. Solid full wraps can be ordered at a later date.