You've got questions - I've got answers

Do You Use Stock Photo's?

I work in a combination of 3d daz rendered people, images purchased from depositphotos.com and my own illustrations. Every cover is a unique piece that is a blend of images and my own work. I only purchase images from depositphotos.com because they are vetted and have all of the required releases to make sure that it is legal to use for items for sale.

Why Do I Need To Purchase Image Rights After 500,000 Copies Are Sold Or Downloaded?

I purchase and include the rights to any stock images used from depositphotos.com for up to 500,000 copies in the cost of my covers. The cost of an unlimited license would add hundred's of dollars in cost on some covers and to keep my covers affordable I only purchase the rights to the first 500,000. I can send you a page with any stock photo's that will need to be purchased along with your cover so you can purchase the rights at any time, but it is not needed until you've sold/downloaded 500,000.

How long does an average project take?

Time frames vary depending on if I need to have something custom rendered from another artist, the time zone difference (sometimes can limit the amount of communication possible each day), and complexity of the project. Typically I spend 2-3 days working on a project myself to both allow full time to hand draw the details as well as time to step away from the project for a few hours at a time and catch mistakes or things that aren't quite right. This time frame is for once I have started your project. Please message me to find out availability due to it varying.

What Can Be Changed On A Premade Cover?

The background image of a premade cover is set. Font, text and text related objects on the cover can and will be altered.

What If I Don't Know How To Describe What I Want?

That's OK! I love to bounce ideas back and forth and don't mind taking the time to figure out how to create something that will be perfect for you. I love using inspiration of things you like. I don't copy someone else's covers, but I can get an idea of the type of things you love from covers you love. Need ideas? Check out my pinterest boards for ideas. 

Are All Changes Covered in the Cost of a Custom Cover?

All covers have up to 3 changes included in the pricing. That means that up to 3 times of me showing you after the initial rough draft a fairly complete cover you can give me a list of things that need changed. Beyond that will be charged $25 per hour for changes.

What Are Your Business Hours?

I live in eastern standard time and typically work from 8pm-3am on covers. I have a toddler who needs me during the day so I work at night. I take Wednesday and Thursday off (the hubby works the weekend), but am available still through email at magnetrasdesign.com to answer questions. I check my email at least twice a day, but do try to allow my time with my family to be about my family. I can also be reached at my facebook group or instagram page.