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My Story

After looking for a cover designer for my first book in July of 2020 (currently a work in progress) I thought to myself "I can do that!" and began this whirlwind of a journey into book cover design.
I grew up loving to draw and paint and love that I can make a living creating a sneak peek or visual window into the world that someone else created to help a reader pick up that book and fall in love with it as well. 
When I'm not writing or creating covers I'm a graphic design student at Brigham Young University - Idaho. A wife and mother to a sweet little girl and a bit nerdy (OK, maybe more than a bit) in the best way. 
For free time I read, binge watch Hallmark and fantasy/sci fi with a cup of tea and flickering candles. Follow along with the book's I'm reading and covers as they publish on my Instagram @magnetras_book_nook .