I'm Jamie Dalton, a designer creating artwork for indie authors to help their readers see a sneak peek into the worlds they create.




Step One: Completing the Quote Form

Once the quote form has been filled out I will let you know if your cover is within my skillset and schedule. At that time you can let me know what of my services you are looking for help with as well as any additional add-on's that will be required.

Step Two: Securing Your Spot

Next I will officially schedule your spot and begin basic concept design and ideas after a 50% deposit is paid. This part of the process will be completed within two weeks of the spot being secured.

Step Three: Cover is Created

At the scheduled start date I will review your form and basic concepts to create the most marketable and inspired cover that best represents your book. After the concept is agreed upon and the 50% deposit is paid any stock images required will be purchased and painting will begin to create the final artwork.

****5 Stars, Would Recommend and Planning on Using Again****

I am a horrible custom design customer and I know it. I have a condition where I literally can't visualize anything. I have to see it in person. My partner has to make me models of any woodworking jobs if he wants my opinion on even simple things like a bench because I can't see what he means otherwise. So I've always been hesitant to get a custom because I am aware of how annoying this can be when I'm searching for a specific thing, but can't describe it... However, Jamie is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. She really took the lead and created a few ideas for me, often letting me choose which one I liked best. She worked WITH my condition and I was just absolutely blown away by that. She also never made me feel like I was a burden, which was really nice because I get so embarrassed over it when someone is like, visualize a ball bouncing, and I can't.

Her communication skills are fantastic. She treats you like a friend and was really open to my ideas, even if she thought they were crap (though she never said that nor made me feel like that's what she thought, but after seeing my ideas in person, they clearly weren't working because surprise, surprise, I suck at visualizing). Realizing I was a fish drowning on land, she asked if she could do her own design and oh my God, that was a godsend. She sent me something that I never even knew I was dreaming of. It was PERFECT. I went on to get two others and she was happy to do them despite how awful of a customer I was on book one.

TLDR: - Communication 5*

- Skill 5*

- Artistic Visual 5*

- Everything Else 5*

Miranda Grant

Jamie’s cover design was a hit right off. The first cover mock-up she sent to me hit me at a gut-level as a big Wow, I loved it! Working with her has been a joy, she is responsive and available for dialogue. Even better, once it was complete and I started marketing to my audience I experienced a substantial increase in sales. I believe this to be directly correlated with the beautiful book cover. I highly recommend Jamie and doing business with – Magnetra’s Design.

Lacey Anderson

I’m beyond thankful to have found Jamie Dalton of Magnetra’s Book Covers via the Cover Design Marketplace. I worked with several designers for covers of my fantasy romance series, but until Jamie, I never felt satisfied. Jamie hit it out of the park with Light of the Sky! She captured the special combination of magic and fantasy elements.  I loved her creation so much, I had her redesign an existing cover. She was open to my vision/input, yet offered suggestions on marketability. She has vast knowledge of font & graphic design, what’s popular in specific genres, and what styles will ‘age’ well. Highly, highly recommend!

Gina Sturino